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Challenge girls’ professional wrestling3

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Two preempted triple game rules!

To be nice to have a physical gap, May to lift the body in a brutal! ! Futaba’s delicate body can not resist this power! ! The appearance of a girl wrestler who gets ridiculous, expressing his agony expression, and his voice is must-see & listen! ! In this game, May acquires the referee, unilaterally dominating the delicate two leaves …! ! !

Demonic animal match makeup that high grade grammar can fulfill the desire to hurt poor tits delicate girls! ! further! ! Biba can attack hard, but the referee intervened from the middle, transformed into a handicap match of real 2vs1, hope for Futaba’s victory will change to despair! ! Exactly Domination! ! For mania! ! !Rin Satsuki
Akari Futaba


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