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BWP intergender man Winning Vol.09

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Pro-wrestling is a sublime competition in which you decide only those who are truly strong as yourself, using your body alone and ambushing your opponent. In this fight, as a gender indiscriminate (interger), girls have challenged boys to men. If you fight with ‘equality’ condition without any handicap, naturally the woman is covered in a man and will be forced to lose. The expression that is blanked by the humiliation of a brave female warrior is supreme! !
To the aata you will be defeated by a beautiful women’s wrestler …!

First match: Ruka Sakuraba
BWP newbie lovely-girl fighter!
New talent comes to BWP!! But merciless domination match awaits!
New BWP’s idol wrestler is unveiled!! Ruka looks small and fragile but she has sweet looks and lover for prowrestling. The hopeful new face but she will understand a harsh reality in this match…!! She gets a one-sided dominated by a male wrestler though she recently debuted!! Will she continue to fighting on the ring? We need to watch her action in future!

Second match: Akari Futaba
Slender and simple beautiful girl!
Innocent beautiful girl is targeted by a male wrestler!!
Girl whom we would love to root challenges to fight against a male wrestler. But one-sided match gradually makes her hopeful mind crushed and tamed with prowrestling move!! Don’t miss it to watch her changing her mind!!


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